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Comment: Ants are in some ways the most succesful (group of) species on Earth. They have been on Earth for much longer then humanity. Humanity is on the brink of a nuclear war that wil at least do major damage and possibly will change the course of human evolution through a bottleneck depopulation period (or … who knows). When an ant has excess food in its stomach, it shares this food with other ants in the colony. When humans have excess money, they try to give another human a measured portion of that money, and then try to suck out more for themselves, using the initial seeming gift as a method of strangulation. If money was food, the humans behave by feeding another human like an ant, but then suddenly they start sucking the money back out with such force that the victims ends up with less then he started with.

It wouldn’t be so tragic if people finally started to realize how wrong investment credit for profit as such is, so that there would be a minimum of hope of a restructured system. Credit in the economy on profit should be entirely (or almost entirely) outlawed. Credit in businesses turns them into parasitic dictatorships. It is a moral flaw which becomes a technical economic flaw in the system. Because too many people are anti-social at the root, they cannot admit that for profit investment in the economy is suspect at best. It is catastrophic in the long run, a major contributor to the wars, the unemployement, the centralized Oligarchical economy, the environmental rape and plunder because the debt system requires and forces over the top production results that cannot be sustained in the long run, etc. This was already known centuries ago, even millenia ago. Laws to deal with these problems existed thousands of years ago, but where lost to greed and ignorance along the way. The difference today is only that the bombs are bigger …

P.S. Although the solutions suggested at the end are cute, they are all personal moral choices which do not go beyond the individual and therefore marginal effect on the commons. To have such personal moral choices have the desired effect, you need a monumental moral change in a species of which it is known that they are unwilling to do that. Furthermore, when 5 out of 10 people make moral choices, the other 5 are likely to rape and plunder all that the good people give up. Example: if good people use shorter vacations, which is cheaper and better for the environment, then bad people will see the opportunity to tax good people more while taking even more luxurious vacations and can do so long longer because the natural environment is a little more resilient. You need law against evil, and measures that affect the whole system. Even when that cannot be started easily without moral people doing good things privately first, significant effects cannot be expected until moral principles that are supported by a large amount of good people, are turned into laws binding all (read: the evil ones, and the ignorant selfish childish ones.)

What laws should that be, one may ask ? That is a large topic encompassing all that humanity failed to accomplish since the last iceage. One thing which is more important then whatever the financial industry is doing: soil use should be free as an individual and inalienable and equal birthright. We need a State democracy system in which it is harder to lie by the politicians (I think it is possible to make structural improvements). For profit credit in companies should be outlawed, or reduced to marginal levels. We need to outlaw companies that are too large (I propose 2000 people is the maximum). International businesses should be outlawed. Wealth concentration should be outlawed (I propose 30 times average wealth as a maximum per person). I don’t expect anyone to want or even understand this, but what I think most people don’t understand is: your world is already being flushed down the toilet. You don’t understand how destructing your system is, but you might when you are destroyed by it. Maybe the survivors will want to listen to some common sense, and be done with worshipping Money as god because it became worthless.

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