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Do you like 'Market Socialism' ? - Jos Boersema - 12-12-2017

If you like to vote, you could add a reply explaining your vote.

Being the author, naturally I would think it is a good idea of proposals like these would get more attention. It seems to me these proposals have been worked out in tight detail, disallowing the corrupt and evil to have their way with it as easily as with some other ideologies, as indeed they usually have. Particularly interesting in this case is that the proposals also come with voting software, which has been generously vetted by Gnu's Not Unix (many thanks for that).

What is still lacking is an adequate proof-reading by someone else, correcting remaining language mistakes or to clear up any difficult to follow parts, if those exist. 

What is also lacking is the public will to have a peaceful, just and stable society, which the population at large seems to prefer to sacrifice to shortsighted personal gains against their own people. In reply to a public speaker who said it was his job to alert the population of problems with society but that it would be our collective job to fix the problems: The problems have (in my opinion) been fixed on (showing that more is fundamentally wrong with this society in the western world in 2017 than people usually belief), the problem of people not being motivated sufficiently for the common good will be solved by the people themselves, by destroying themselves. The current lack of interest in the truth is as expected.

P.S. Keep in mind with this kind of voting (see poll above), that it is not trustworthy because anyone can register to vote, even multiple times. It is an inconsequential conversation starter. For a meaningful analyses one would have to investigate who voted what (which is shown), and what is the quality of those people as evidenced by their other postings on this forum and - if possible - elsewhere.

P.P.S. The day of this posting (12 dec 2017) is marked as the day that the proposal is finished, completed with a slick website, news pages, and even a configured forum with a welcoming poll. There isn't anything more a person proposing something like this could or should be doing, other then executing the program to the degree reasonably possible. The theory production phase is over, now the operational phase could comfortably begin. There will probably be a delay first, until people decide to pick up on what is proposed here. Such a delay can be quite severe, for example several decades, even centuries, or who knows how long ? Eventually however it seems to me that truth, peace and justice will be undeniable. If humanity chooses to continue to reject such principles, they will likely end up destroying themselves. I will now wait for an identifiable signal from the people, and see from there.