Strange Corona-virus policies (part 2)

Isn’t it interesing how the Central Banking gangsters have been debating just giving all citizens money directly in some kind of mad plan to expand their Central Banks’ control over society and the economy, and now we have this virus where people sit at home, at risk of loosing their job, potentially at the mercy of the Central Banks giving them money directly. It is the same program, but for a different reason.

You could turn that around. Perhaps they wanted the program — to become the paymaster of everyone and thereby in control of a planned economy down to the smallest unit (the individual) — but perhaps they didn’t like the reason they would have to give the population. The original reason was: the Central banks and politicians have ruined the economy, massive bankruptcies everywhere, causing catastrophic unemployement to Revolutionary levels (levels that can cause Revolution). If people go hungry, you could give them all money directly, and then you control them because then you can start saying: “Do this, or I withdraw part of your monthly payement.” Everyone in the whole Empire becomes directly under the control of the Central bankers.

The politicians the Central banks have installed as part of their class of the super richl through the mass media that their class heavily influences if not owns outright. The media is dominant over the politicians, while the rich are dominant over the mass media. The system of power is reversed from what it should be. The people have themselves to blame for this state of affairs, because of their shallowness.

Here is some more evidence that the system is using the crisis (some say: imagined crisis, but I cannot judge yet to what extend it is true) to promote a power grab rather than resolve the virus.

The Dutch Government is now apparently debating whether or not to make an application on a pocket computer (better known as a mobile phone) obligatory, on the Chinese or other such model. People who have been in contact with someone who is later identified with the virus, would then receive a warning and presumably some advice. In China this is obligatory. Everyone has a health code: red, yellow or green.

Yet there is not a word about mask wearing by the public, or people who suspect if they are sick. Everyone needs to stay home, which makes the commoners believe the economy is crashing because of the virus, when the economy was already crashing thanks to the politicians and the Central bankers (monetizing the debt). Almost nobody will believe the truth, because most people just don’t even care.

The situation — as far as I could see it, seeing all these developments over the last 20 years — seems to me: they have been slowly but surely looting an expensive building (the Nation, the Treasury, the economy, etc). They took the furniture, they took the carpets, they took everything and then started chissling down the walls themselves. At the point that it was going to collapse, they had a problem because the population would notice that something weird had happened to the building.

They needed a fix. They could start a big war, and have a bomb explode the building. The people would say: the building was bombed, that’s why it fell. They could set the building on fire. The people would say: the building burned down. Anything would work, so long as the finger would not point at the central banks, mass media, and their politicians, for their absurd financial policies as well as the failed economic/financial system which underlies these policies. (Funny how they also literally did implode a building: the World Trade Center, in New York.)

The virus does the job perfectly, so long as the commoners are deeply affected personally somehow, in such a way that they will be sure the system fell down becaues of it. Almost everyone sitting at home — useful against the virus or not — will do that. The people will say: the virus ruined the economy. That the catastrophic debt and money printing during the Weimar Republic also ruined that economy and lead to Hitler and World War II, is a fact few people care about today. You could show it to them, but they wouldn’t be able to absorb it.

Today there are even people who do not know what World War II is (!). They see their own reality, their immediate surroundings, they look 3 minutes ahead in time, and 3 back, and that is it. If they are forced to stay at home so the burger business is now in trouble: they understand that. It is of course also true in its own right. If this is a conscious plan, it is masterfully conceived — though to flawlessly implemented; but that was never going to happen with humans.

Personal considerations

I am seriously thinking about not going along with this phone application plan of theirs, so long as they do not first speak about common mask wearing. They lost their credibility, their policies make no sense, and we already know from their past and ongoing wars that they are war criminals and corrupt, or mere tools for such people.

Perhaps I would be more likely to go along with such an application, if I was already using a mobile phone so that they can spy on everything I do and where I am going when, but I am already not doing that either. I don’t use a mobile phone almost ever, and never take it along. They lost their credibility with me a long time ago, and their senseless policies regarding the virus do not make it any better.

I also pose extremely low risk, because I do wear a mask, I barely go outside, don’t ever go to a store, and only go to my vegetable garden in the wee hours of the morning. It would be a bigger threat to my and others health if they put up roadblocks to test my mobile phone. That is where I would get infected, if anywhere.

If the virus proves to be super dangerous — Black Death dangerous — and everything was being done already, that would make it more likely for me to go along with strict measures. In the final equation though, if it was law and there is no obvious and direct “evil” being committed by following it, I would probably have no choice but to comply with it. The danger of being singled out could be as great or greater than whatever other tricks might be played – and there is conceivable benefit from such an application as well (in a perfect world).


In my view their goal is to make the economy crash, and therefore they want people to stay home. That will work. Masks are effective against the virus, but they are against it. They first pretended the virus was nothing, in my view they wanted the crisis to become as big as they could make it. The flu was worse. Now they suddenly want to track everyone, and next indeed they could try to become the paymaster of everyone.

Track everyone, be the paymaster of everyone, while buying up all the stocks and whatever else with freshly printed money, so that they will also own all these major businesses. If they issue loans to small businesses to make them survive, they become the loan master of them. At the least they have their parasitic snout in their, and isn’t that what it is all about in the end.

With the virus making cash less easy to use, the virus is also causing a big push toward a fully electronic system. It is the central bankers and their private share holders who will be in de-facto control over that electronic money. This 100% electronic money makes it easier for the top banks to issue however much money they want to themselves. They can hyper-inflate everything, and at a touch of a button reset everything. It would all be inside a computer, some sort of central money system computing core.

The whole thing is an amazing power grab, and they haven’t even started the war yet. I do see the evil genius behind their plans, but you see where it sort of chinks and bounces when they first had to pretend it was the flu, and still try to downplay masks on the one hand, while issuing dictatorial edicts to control people on the other. That’s where you see what is behind it, because as honest policy it makes too little sense.

It would be even more of an absurdity, if there would end up massively less casualties than it would now seem. I still would recommend the highest caution though, because they probably released at least something bad, and if there is lying in all directions than it is just safer to play it safe, and see the whole affair as a training opportunity. I don’t think there is any doubt that they have released something, and it is killing a fair amount of people. Their motive to release something with a low danger escapes me, if they have a stronger weapon. With “They” I don’t refer to the politicians, they rank pretty low and are mostly expendable.

You also risk becoming a person in bad standing if you cause risk to someone else, in particularly for not following rules that most other people do follow. That is a risk with the mobile phone application as well, which needs to be considered. One would also have to think about what data is collected by such a phone, what on top of that by the application, what they already know by other means, how they can abuse information.

I basically see two bigger risks: they know how political opinions travel through the population, so that they can fine tune their lies better. They can identify people who start to resist the super rich in some way, and with their habits and contacts all at their disposal it will be easier (potentially very much easier) to somehow deal with these people in an improper or tyrannical way. This can range from turning certain job applications down for people whom they suspect or know are resisting them in some way, to engaging in social smearing campaigns, to using the location data to send in a detain / kill teams. Sooner or later they would love to do it all.

Then they throw a war over this whole mess … and then perhaps famines with them having massive food storage to play the savior and take the slaves. Put a chip in their heads, or die from this or the other. It has a good chance of working if they try it. For these things I made my proposals, to give humanity a fighting chance. However, the chance is lost if you refuse to take it, if you refuse to fight against evil.


Some recent potentially criminal behavior by the western ruling class: USA Government seems to be denying hospitals in the USA from getting their masks. The masks are seized, without explanation. This is reported by the scientist Chris Martenson, in his daily Corona virus update. They could of course now come out with a “good explanation” all of a sudden, or maybe the rumor proves to be false. This suspected behavior by the USA ruling class should come as no surprise. They seem to now be killing people who are helping patients, because that is what happens when medical personell doesn’t get their equipment. Why does this surprise anyone, haven’t we seen their evil wars based on lies ? Wheren’t those about mass murdering million of innocent people ? Don’t they have a torture industry, and a President who is in favor of torture, while his Empire crushes people far and wide over the Earth ? If you report the truth like Julian Assange did, you will get crushed ? With this kind of a criminal character, anything can happen. They have their plans, and we have ours — don’t we.

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