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Commented on Gerald Celente – Dow Dives, Gold Spikes: The Greatest Depression

Individual substantial land ownership is the base of all economic wealth, because land is everything. How should land ownership be structured ?

  1. A market ? Fail. World war 3 is for you.
  2. “Imagine no possessions” (Beatles song) ? Fail. World war 3 is for you.
  3. Conquer it, dominate and make slaves ? That is what humanity is really doing, even through options 1. (by centralization over time) and option 2. (lies and infighting, as usual), which is war itself and causes a nuclear war when the weapons are ready. You are World war 3.
  4. ? I am not even bothering anymore to say how it should be. After some 6 000 years of nonsense of this planet on this point, I guess it is past the point of debate. If you don’t want to get this right, you are not fit to live the fruits of the neolithic revolution. You belong back where you belong, hunter gathering, moving from place to place. Incidentally you can pollute the world as humanity is doing now, you can throw everything you have over your shoulder and not care about it, because all you will ever have is 100% ecological.

That humans destroy the planet by pollutions is another proof that humans are dead inside. It proofs they are unable to change their behavior to fit the new niche we are supposed to be in (post neolithic-revolution). If the behavior of humans is – even after the better part of 10 000 years – still unfit to deal with farming and settled living, proven by pollution, proven by the system of land allocation in use, and also proven by the continuation of war while we have absolute domination over all animals through our creative peaceful and productive tool making for which we do not need war, it seems to me that now that we are at the point of total domination of the Earth, we are at the ultimate choice concerning the last 6 000 years or so: do we want to be a settled farming species and everything that it means, or not. The answer seems to be: we do not.

The situation can then be rectified fairly easily. By nuclear World War 3, with associated and follow up disasters until humanity is back in the stone age, where they apparently want to be. where they would be in the niche they can deal with. Where they can kill each other without ruining their own world entirely, where they can pollute whatever they want because they have next to nothing anyway, and where they can lay claim to whatever land for however long because they cannot hold it for more than a few weeks under their forever moving camp site. The total world population will then drop in the order of 99%.

There are some other associated elements with this of course. It is still conceivable that 1% of the population is fit to survive, because: they are well behaved, bother not to pollute, know how land should be owned and disowned, they “occupy peace”, they care about each other even if they don’t know each other. Then one could hope that this miniscule amount of people for which there is some hope, somehow survives and makes the future for the next hundreds of thousands of years. Unfortunately this small fraction of humanity is so weak and small (it is confused, it is disorganized, and depending on how large you make the fraction it is not even that good either), that they seem to be unable to make that happen, unless there is some kind of miracle.

Lots of people seem to imagine that this society will go on after something as bad as a nuclear war. Look at history though: did the Roman Empire come back from quite a few harrowing moments ? It certainly did. Eventually however, it died and did not come back, millions died with it. The middle ages also died, and now we are like 5 centuries into the post medieval period, with the middle ages (the conquest of all of Europe by the horror of the Jesus fraud system with its feudal patronage and slavery) also lasting some 5 centuries. When before could humanity ruin their whole world by the push of a button ? Therefore I would posit that we are not merely (possibly) reaching the end of “modern time” (started after the middle ages with new systems of State and morals, the over throw of feudalism), but we are at an even larger end.

Rome ended and all they could do was sling a stone, and they where still slinging stones at the end of the middle ages. Today everything is slowly being ruined, sometimes insidiously. As a small time crop grower I have been thinking about hybrid seeds and genetic seed manipulation, which we have to deal with on our gardens these days. The seed manufacturers create separate strands of the same species, one is strong with weak fruit and the other weak with good fruit, and then they combine them for a generation one (F1) plant that is both strong and has good fruit. The consequence is that this plant produces bad seed. Farmers are becoming dependent on the seed manufacturers, and I think that if that goes on for too long it could create yet another weakness in “the web of life”.

What if through war / economic collapse, suddenly there is no seed company anymore, and due to the war the farming conditions will be unusually bad. That can easily happen due to nuclear war and climate problems, not to mention lots of other associated problems. None of this garbage was going on when previous Empires and cultures fell, never to rise again. Now it is going on, making everything more mutually dependent and therefore more fragile than it ever was. The system is incredibly weak overall, because it is so extremely optimized for maximum profit / yield / luxury / egocentric destructive animal behavior (stone age behavior).

Humanity its greatest strength is our tool use, and now we are proving to be so stupid that our own tool use will become our undoing. Humanity does not use its tools wisely enough to be fit to survive as a settled and soil tilling animal rearing kind of being. If we did, we might live forever as a species. Every single individual should live to the utmost of his ability according to the suggested norms, then maybe for that individual there is still hope (in this or another world). Sorry to go on about it. I know it is useless to do so, as usual. At least its a warning and suggested way forward for the 0.001% who might care to.

End comment.

P.S. It would be wise to prepare for what humanity probably is going to do to itself. The last chance to prevent World War 3 was (in my view) in 2012, by breaking the 9/11 “war on terror” lies, and correcting the 2008 banking crisis frauds. In 2014 the anti-Russia hysteria (remember the Nazis ?) had started, and therefore there was no more time to prevent and compete effectively with that evil. We will be left with hunting down those who did it after the war. Humanity chose war, stupidity and evil in the period between the two Cold wars: 1989 to 2014. Such a choice deserves its consequences, does it not ? That is how the world and life in general works. A distracted but otherwise normal person might have been living their fantasy dream until 2017, however with the election of fascist Trump there is no more denying about what is going on and where it is headed not only in terms of war, but including everything else (worsening of the Plutocracy, degradation of the environment, etc). The USA evil Empire presidents have all been evil for a long time, however none have been more blatant than the fall into the Idiocracy in 2017.

Since it is unlikely that a mass movement can be set up that is not under the control of evil rich people, most / all people will be left to survive things on their own or in small numbers. Since the catastrophy may be extreme and long lasting, a trick to think about what to do can be: go back into history and see how people lived. The further you go back into history, the less advanced their technology was, the less they depended on things they could not make themselves, and therefore they where both poorer but also more resilient and independent. The further back in history one is able to live, the more likely perhaps one is able to survive during serious issues.

Even if a catastrophic nuclear war might not put humanity permamently back in the stone age, if it means a period of 2 or 3 years where food is so scarce one has to grow it themselves or die, those years would be all it takes to kill you if you do not know what to do or do not have the resources to do it. Even if the conditions will not be as bad as they could be, it hurts nobody if you are more resilient, able to help some other people and just generally contribute to the market / society. Keep in mind that our entire culture is almost nothing more than the agrarian surplus, and that in the not so distant past practically everyone was a farmer. Going back even further by thousands of years, and everyone was a hunter/gatherer, which is also a great skill set to have during extreme conditions. Without hunter/gathering skills, one could die from hunger while sitting between edible plants unknown to you.

Beware of using things you may have no access to later, such as seed companies or their often hybrid-seeds, fertilizers, etc. For other issues with this, I refer back to the original work here on “market socialism.”

Humanity has essentially chosen to die in a wall of fire. That is their choice. They also chose to destroy the planet to rape out the last bit of luxury they could get from it. They don’t care. They have no caution. They will be hated and scorned by all future generations, for as long as the memory of what they have done and left undone will linger. The question is if you want to be part of that, or find another way.


Picture: Czar Bomb, source.)
Link: Gerald Celente at least gets as angry about all the evil as every normal adult should be, or are you not even normal if you don’t get angry about what is going on. He has also consistently warned of the likelihood of World War 3, which a lot of the fakers in politics or academia don’t seem to dare doing, nevermind the evil people who run TV and newspapers in the world.)

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