Reasons for World War 3

This Ukraine thing is really just a theater so that american attention is not on the home problems. I bet Putin and USA are in this together. No sane person would really want to go with war with Russia.
There is a reason we have world peace from ww2 and that peace provides nuclear warheads ready to deploy anytime in both USA and Russia.

Ales Ucman, in a youtube comment to a video titled “Putin To Macron: There Will Be No Winners If WW3 Breaks Out”

Reply by J.B. Original posted to youtube on 20 Februari 2022, which was a day like any other has been for years. Only a few days later, Russia would start invading the USA Vassal State known as “Ukraine”, conquered by USA in 2014. I had already decided to repost this here on, but hadn’t gotten around to doing it. The fact that the original video has been removed is also a reason to post it here. This doesn’t mean I am trying to argue “told you so”. The “told you so” is hard and thick without this posting, as I have been warning of World War 3 since about 2009 or so, all the time and everywhere, endlessly, endlessly … and even this Ukraine thing, people don’t realize still perhaps that this will likely become World War 3, nuclear global war, as organized by the criminal financial global ruling class. It is their attack, as it where, on mankind in general, using Divide & Conquer.

@Aleš Ucman While I agree with your first part, I am not so sure it will not go to war. I am certain it will sooner or later become war, to be honest, either full out or limited nuclear war. There are a fair amount of reasons to think so.

You mentioned how the USA would need to move their population to Mars to protect it. Here you do make a mistake in thinking the US ruling class cares about their population.

I think it is the other way around. The US ruling class may (not certain but might) face the choice between being brought under the guillotine or lynched in their own homes or a nuclear world war with Russia which would kill/distract the people from doing so. Revolutions are not that uncommon, compared to situations where an Empire becomes so corrupt it destroys itself. For the people the choice is: live in a tyranny, or have Revolution, possibly armed. The ruling class has the options: be the tyrants, get lynched, or burn everything down. I think especially the US ruling class with their sick ways and “winner takes all” mentality (risk takers), will rather burn everything down while hiding in deep bunkers to later come out as the saviors and rulers.

Another reason why I think it will happen is that if it does not happen, that means eternal peace has essentially broken out. It means there would never be a “top level” war between the greatest powers on Earth. Who can believe that ? I cannot.

Another reason is that the fear only worked on the generation which lived through World War 2. You see how today almost nobody is afraid of World War 3. They never lived through a big war in the west, or very few saw any war, and therefore it is meaningless to them. It is a theory, and they’re not interested in it anyway. If the fear of war does no longer work, but you need fear politics to avoid the guillotine after a Revolution against your criminal politics for decades, then what do you do ? How long can they string along with this Corona hysteria ?

Another reason is that the damage of global nuclear war may have been overestimated in the past, because that was the fear factor. If we look at all the testing with nukes, it never did anything much to our lives far away. The area around Tjernobil today is a great natural wilderness. It may be a lot less damaging in the long term than people think. Nature could rebound in magnificent ways, even.

Another reason is: it really isn’t so different from war in the past. Genocidal war is not new. Murdering cities is not new either. The USA did it many times in the second war. First they bombed, then they firebombed. Some cities where worse destroyed than if they had been nuked. The hellish inferno was worse. It didn’t fit the narrative that USA is this evil, so the attention was shifted to the nuclear bombings on Japan. You see in this that the will to bomb with nukes, it is deep inside the humans. They love it.

Another reason is: nukes are already quite old technology, right ? Bunker technology has also improved over time.

Another reason is, as you mentioned and I agree: Russia and USA elements may be working together. This means they can annihilate much of the world population, while neatly avoiding each others deep luxury bunkers.

Another reason is: humanity is so damaging to the world, that nature is dying out rapidly. Although it is true that the ruling class is doing the worst of it, fueling the damage, it could be another reason for them to wipe out most people. Nature is wealth, the root of all wealth. They have reason to see the vast population as competition to controlling it, and they may not want other people to do their share of ruining the world. If the global population was cut down to just 50 million people, humanity would probably not be able to cause or go through any longer with the way we are ruining or badly damaging the planet forever.

I think big things usually happen only when different groups of people who have a share of the power start wanting the same thing, or if they are out of options and are throwing their hands in the air asking for someone else to do something. Example: if the bankers don’t see any solutions anymore, they’ll look for their Nazis to step in, etc. Will we get there when money printing has ruined the economy, and their new digital currency and social-credit central control system don’t catch on the way they had hoped (this is their tyranny) ?

Another reason is that torching the world already worked once and well for them during World War 2.

Another reason is: just the kicks of it ! Can you imagine this drama ? Burn down the world, live for 5-10 years in luxury bunkers, then come out as heroes saving people with free grain and high end technology, to reign supreme over Earth forever over the broken peoples.

Another reason: once they prepared their retreat into World War 3 and their bunkers, it entices them to act badly for the population, because “if it goes bad, we just retreat and burn them all down”. The more they work on their retreat, the more safe they feel to act badly, which in turn drives them into their retreat, which in turn makes them work harder on their bunkers. It’s a vicious circle.

Why did they invest so much in all this doom technology, and then to never use it ? They still keep investing in it, even though normal people don’t have a clue about what it all means. It has no added propaganda value.

The best reason is perhaps: humanity needs no reasons. Humanity is fundamentally unreasonable. Whatever you think, it may be wise to prepare. Even though we think this war is insane and unthinkable, it doesn’t mean other people are even equipped with reason. Cultures rise and fall. Bad things have happened before. All (excessively) good things must come to an end.

Criminals don’t think like normal people. Normal people don’t seem to understand criminals well. It means nothing to burn down the world, so long as you can get away and have a nice life. Kill one person, kill 100 million, it is meaningless. They do where their self interest leads them. If this is an option they need, they will prepare it. If they feel it is a good choice compared to other choices, they will immediately do it. Have a great day.

P.S. We know from Al Martin’s (Iran Contra) book (The Conspirators), that the US had prepared plans for a limited nuclear war with Russia, in case the Bush gang was exposed. This also involved a military coup d’etat in Russia. When asked, Ollie North said something to the effect of: it is a number. What I am writing above is not theory. This is already known fact. They will do it. People don’t understand these criminals.

Killing someone is a power trip. It is a feeling of safety if you can destroy an enemy. Killing 100 million people or 4 billion, proves you have immense power. It gives them the feeling of being gods. They love it, provided they can get away with it. To get away with it, may be one reason they will do it. Humanity is their enemy, which they hate and loath (the general population). Killing the people equals honor and pride.

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