War of the global super State


All these wars are disagreeable, except the local resistance against tyranny part: Iraqi resistance against the USA, resistance against Fascism in Donbass. The war now of Russia invading Ukraine is bad, but a war by Ukraine to attack Crimea would also be bad. How many Ukranians would dance and cheer, seeing the bombs land on the cities of Crimea if their army invaded it ? Would they care for the wounded and the dead ? Perhaps a few would. The propaganda made by the maniacs of power would teach the population otherwise. These wars seem to be the work of the USA in Europe.

It started a fairly long time ago, when the USA Plutocracy started financing Adolf Hitler, and giving them weapons in the early days. The USA created World War 2, which yielded them … the world ! Now in Ukraine, they exploited the weaknesses of Ukraine (a political split evidenced by Presidential elections, an Empire (Ukraine is an Empire) which is (too) vast, with a high corruption rate, an almost random history which is sometimes on opposite ends depending on the region (Fascist West / Communist East, welcoming the Hitler Nazis with flowers versus the war in Stalingrad and Crimea). USA exploited these problems, using the only real power in this world: money. Again they financed a Nazi-Fascist movement in Europe, although not only Nazi-Fascists.

This does not excuse the invasion of Ukraine, however the picture is more murky than some people like it to be ? In my estimation, Russia and the USA as well as the E.U. and NATO, are all one system. It is one alliance of criminals, against humanity. I suppose this is a theory least liked in general, as people tend to get wrapped up in either this or that side, falling for this or the other side of the propaganda equation. It feels so good to be part of something, right ? The comradery, the sense of enemy, people love it. They live for it.

“Truth ? Justice, peace ? Bwahahahaha ! Boring. Hearing the other side ? Risky. Unity is in the Great Lie, it doesn’t matter what it is. The more absurd the better ! Show your true loyalty, declare black is white, ferociously attack the one who dares claim … 2 + 2 = 4. Weaklings, without honor or strength.” — The people of Earth, showing their true colors.

This is what I saw: I saw how the USA destroyed Ukranian democracy in 2014, because it was a crumbling society falling apart due to its corruption, size, lack of cultural and historical unity, shared vision or ideology, a space between two greater powers. They calmly kept feeding the flames. Pay for some torches, finance the banners, bring the people together around coffee and bread (I assume), gently guide them to their collective doom. Then the attack, the bloody coup d’etat. Murder is democracy ! Nazis love freedom too ! Communists on the knives ! Everybody deserves to live under the USA ohh wait, we meant “E.U.” ! Oh wait no, we meant Ukraine ! Gosh, why is our game so complicated. USA what do we do ? “Call yourselves Ukraine my boys.” Uncle Sam knows best. At least he has the money, and that will do for now.

Donbass rebelled, Crimea secceded with some help from Russia. Ukraine died, it was torn apart. Meanwhile: the more important issue in the world is not Ukraine, but rather it is the wild money printing by the criminal banking cliques all over the world, which likely will ensure a catastrophic economic/financial crisis at the end of it. A sudden return to harsh conditions, would result in popular anger on a level perhaps not seen since 1917. Revolution could happen, however the bankers would prefer the opposite: tyranny. Something had to be done. Let’s torch some of our own high rises first, and start some wars: “9/11”. It even started before the money printing began in earnest in 2008/9. I guess they knew what they where going to do. Nobody thought ill of Russia in 2013, and that’s a big problem if you want a World War. Who else to fight it with ? Russia is the ticket. Add China to the mix, it should give a bang worth noticing. A Billion dead ? 3 Billion ? Now we’re talking … Let’s add some bunkers for ourselves, just in case. You want pizza with that ? Yes, and cinema. Don’t forget a pool ! Hhaha, life is so much fun. We own the world !

Let’s keep the serfs busy with something else: release the virus ! After a few years, resistance and protest against the growing dictatorship starts to slowly get larger. No worry: let’s have Russia invade Ukraine, that will catch some of them by surprise.

Why did Russia attack Ukraine at this moment ? I don’t see the logic, except so to help the international ruling class, which means the USA.

Why is Russia attacking with insufficient forces ? If they attacked with 2 or 10 times more forces than Ukraine has (didn’t they have the time to train up people in the last 8 years?), they would steamroll so fast over Ukraine that western populations would likely be too startled, impressed and scared to react. Now that we have this almost fixated front line, it is like Russia is waving to USA: “hey over there, come play outside in Ukraine ?”.

Why didn’t Russia do the obvious: cut USA its foothold in Iraq ? Iran would love to help, and the Iraqis even more. It would deal a sensitive blow to the USA evil Empire, its prestige and also its oil. If they can build up Iraq in a sensible way afterward, everyone might love Russia, and maybe the USA can be rolled back from other places in the world as well, thus collapsing the Petro-Dollar choke hold the USA has over the world. USA might even become a second rate Nation, or descend all the way to a 3rd world hell hole with a difficult domestic tyranny, since the troops coming home need to have something to do.

Russia has all kinds of trade with the western countries, and there are also people within Russia who stand politically to gain from war. War creates dictatorship and tyranny, on both sides. People can be killed, repressed, loans can be made, corruption and money printing can remain hidden, on both sides. A war by the global ruling class — Russia, China, USA (EU) included — against humanity in general. The bosses against the serfs. Has it ever been different ?

(Written as a comment: link.)

P.S. Notice further how none of these so-called Great Powers are challenging the United Nations, by for example: asking it to be convened somewhere else, withdrawing from this dangerous American Imperial organization, and/or setting up their own international forum(s) if necessary. Why do these Empires grovel like little slaves at the feet of the USA, in notorious gangster city New York, while at the same time pretending to be at odds with each other ? Because they are not at odds with each other.

The bosses on all sides are at odds with people who don’t want to be their slaves, who aren’t obedient enough, or profitable enough, or simply in the way and taking up space. This is their main and shared problem. There may be lower level fights within the hierarchy, and/or these are a way to keep the population under control, but ultimately they share this problem. It is the main problem of people who want to be tyrants.

Why do they almost all follow Corona hysteria ? Because they are one system. Why aren’t supposed competitors of the USA challenging the USA Imperial narrative by pointing out how the USA financed Hitler to destroy and divide Europe to conquer the world, or blew up their own “Twin Towers” on “9/11” (2001) ? Because they are one system. Why is the poor computer technology stolen and raped by Bill Gates used all over the world, when this is a threat to Sovereignty as well as to dynamic open markets, plus a loss of production capacity (due to its many faults) ? Because they are all one system. There are much better alternatives available in the Unix sphere, which don’t need much to develop further once there is a serious user base.

Perhaps we really live in a time where global organized crime and the ruling class in general, have basically merged into one system of lying, crime, evil and war, for the ultimate purpose of dividing the world between themselves and reshaping society into their tyrannical vision of hell. Can it be that bad ? It is probably worse than normal people can imagine. When things go bad on this planet, it’s always worse.

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