What is the “Great Reset” ?

In recent times, the ruling class and it seems in particular the “Davos economic forum” clique, has been putting out propaganda under the banner “The Great Reset”. It involved the now infamous (and retracted) slogan: “You will own nothing, and be happy.” They wish to restructure the whole world, and (likely/possibly) where suggesting (or thought they could get away with) the idea that everyone would only rent whatever they wanted to be using in their private lives. Although this seems to be a bad idea, there is some logic to the idea that people will rent objects, so that their repair and replacement is included in the rental contract.

Unfortunately the end result is an even greater loss of power by the population. It means, for example, that if they can no longer afford the rents on all the objects which they are using, they would have to return all their objects. Objects which people use range from socks to bicycles to spare tires and dish washing soap, books, closets, carpets, furniture, plants behind your window, all your clothes. When you couple this plan (or what seems to be the logic behind this element of their vision) with the pressure to implement a “social-credit-score” Chinese (Stalinist) dictatorship, where your political and other behavior is ranked and you may loose job / income / money dependent upon how worshipful you are toward the ruling class, then you can see that people who are critical of the ruling class can be ruined to the point of “owning nothing” and literally having no more than what they can steal to prevent having to run naked through the street and die under a bridge. Needless to say, this is perfect for the ol’ power gangs. Of course they will strive for this.

The plan apparently didn’t get a warm reception, which means they need to work on it. It will require perhaps a few generations, with movies and teaching people how great it is to own nothing. This part of their program is delayed, but that doesn’t mean they won’t succeed at it later.

Anyway, the following is a repost of what the Great Reset is (according to Jos at least ;-).

What is the Great Reset

[Replying to some people in this thread on South Front…] Thank you all guys. I regret that I ended up shouting :-(. Sorry, it wasn’t needed. I also think it [what is happening now in the world…] is the Great Reset. The “Great Reset” is a propaganda stunt, with which the ruling class is rebranding the collapse of the system, which they have caused.

① Robbers loot a store. While they where always looting, it took on a new dimension since 2008. The banks overthrew the Governments and what little reason remained was lost.

② At the point where they need to cross the street with bags of loot, the point their guns at passers by, rope them to posts and gag them. One of them in a police outfit uses a bullhorn on the street corner, shouting there has been a gas leak and everyone should run away fast. This is the Corona attack, which became the Corona mass hysteria. It is an ongoing project. The word is it will get worse with their repression. It is both an assault and a distraction.

③ With the loot being loaded up in the get away cars and trucks (mammoth ocean tankers, lol), they set fire to the store. This is World War 3. In the noise and screams, they kill the passers by which they had gagged, since those people saw too much. This is war based tyranny, the possibility war gives to kill a lot more people and get away with it.

④ With the mammoth tankers full of loot disappearing over the horizon, the robber crew raises the alarm: fire ! Everyone go help ! Since they knew they where going to set a fire, they readied fire extinguishing equipment, buckets and first aid kits. They are the first on the scene, and their work is heroic ! They knew exactly where some people where located who needed rescue (because they knew where they set the fire, and where they had locked those people up in a closet). Some are left to die, such as the people they befriended in order to loot the store, to add to the drama and get rid of unwanted leads back to them.

This is the phase where the ruling class is “helping” with credit to small businesses, they pretend to help old people not get Corona (by moving them to geriatrics care facilities and then releasing Corona upon them, withholding care and sometimes food to kill them, which saves money). All the time they seem to be so caring and out as heroes to save the people, to an extend you wouldn’t expect from such cold hearted greedy people. Finally they saw the light ! (Sadly, no.)

⑤ With the store being a loss, as if by lucky accident (these heroes are so well prepared!) come up with a new plan for the store location. This is the “Great Reset”. We are supposed to be happy and thankful these people can come up with a new architecture for us. It is “great”. The world wasn’t going right anyway, it needed a “reset”. As if it was ordained from heaven, these people with their new architecture, also have the money to pay for it ! Suddenly we see mammoth tankers appear on the horizon. They have money for everything ! We are so happy and thankful !

⑥ The new architecture will mean that from now on, there will be a new and stronger fire department in the location of the old burned down store. Everyone will pay some additional money, but it is well worth it, because already three other stores have also burned down, for reasons nobody could explain. Life is dangerous ! We must pay up. Every new store being build from now on, will need to be closely inspected. The robber crew now gets a cut out of everyone their paycheck, plus they get a cut when every new store gets build, and they can find out how to burn it down properly.

⑦ It is a Brave New World. Everyone is so happy. We love our new heroes so much. With all the fresh money coming in, our heroes buy up the news paper, and it doesn’t take long until everyone elects them to the highest offices. World Domination, done.

⑧ Consolidation. Since the real fire fighters are suspecting or may suspect what is going on, they start dying one by one, or get discredited. With their new found political power, they appoint only “trusted and honorable” firefighters to the fire fighting school, and appoint “proven and reliable” police investigators for arson.

➡ The “great reset” is, in my view, in no small part a system with which the ruling class is ordering or teaching their higher up serfs to embrace what is coming, and how to react to it exactly. These are people like the politician, the journalists, the teachers in schools and universities, the departments of advertizement, the middle and upper class generally, the student organizations and their alumni, the judges, prosecuters and high civil servants, even special forces and army commanders, even organized crime and the networks of criminal bankers generally, the operators of TV shows. They did similar things with Corona, remember ? Table top exercises. It wasn’t so much meant to teach good practices, it was meant to teach them what the ruling class wants from them, what the super rich want them to do, so that these people don’t get creative, or follow their own computations based on personal opportunism.

The term is wisely chosen, I’ll admit. It is “great”, which also links to the Great Depression. It is also being on the offense, taking the initiative, stirring the pot before someone else could. It deflects blame “It was all our fault together, boohooo, now let’s do what the super rich and their bankers want, again.” They bring it with an hypnotic calming voice, and they create so many details around it, that it looks like it is well thought out and “very smart!” (regardless of it actually is so). It is written in sort of a scholarly fashion, well proof read and edited (wouldn’t you if you could spend hundreds of millions on your propaganda?).

Will it work ? With the necessary bloody beating down of any Revolutionary or protest movements, war, Corona, hysteria, hypnotizing propaganda, plus the incompetence of the general population, using the carrot and the stick … it seems to have a good chance of succeeding. At the same time though, this is a weak spot for them, since the population will get hurt. The carrot isn’t so sweet anymore. They need to jump this ditch, during which they are vulnerable. If the ditch is wider than they thought they could handle, they could loose control

Propaganda work:

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